Duro-Last Roofing


Alpine Construction is a licensed dealer and installer of Duro-Last “The World’s Best Roof”.  This roofing product is ideal for use on Residential or Commercial flat roofs.  All seams are heat-welded together on-site to create a monolithic, watertight covering protecting you like a seamless roof. When Duro-Last roofing is installed you will receive a 15 year warranty from Duro-Last against leaks and an insurance policy should damage occur to your business or residence. 

Due to the white material it has been proven to lower energy bills in the summer by reflecting the suns rays and will provide you with lower repair and maintenance costs during the lifetime of your roof.

Duro-Last is a perfect application for Restaurants, Schools, Warehouses, Office Buildings and any other building that needs a new roof that will almost pay for itself with savings.